Resize workspace aspect ratio

Is there a way to change the workspace to a custom ratio like IG 1080x1920?

i see the option in the render settings but not for the workspace/viewport

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I am asking the team if this is possible. I do know that we will be releasing several highly requested viewport features very very soon. I’m not sure if this is one of those features. If not, I will be sure to request it.

Hello @towlie2110! I spoke with the development team and while this is not possible currently, we are working on adding custom workspace resolutions in future releases.

Why am I paying thousands of dollars for a beta program that doesn’t have basic features that most of the other FREE software has?

Honest question. (Still salty about not being able to refund the motion live Xsens profile plugin because it said I needed it and it turns out I didn’t, but took me a week to find out)

All in all I’m not terribly impressed with Nvidia at the moment. Thousands down the drain on programs and hundreds in assets when I could’ve just spent the time learning how to work Blender and download unlimited FREE assets.

I paid what was asked because I assumed it meant quality. But It’s still in beta. Can I get a refund?