Resolution higher than 1024x768 not supported in Red Hat Release 6.6

I just upgraded to Red Hat 6.6 and am using an Nvidia 5400 card. Previously with Red Hat 6.5 I was able to change the screen resolution to 1440x900, but after the Red Hat 6.6 upgrade the highest option provided in nvidia-settings is 1024x768. I’m using the latest driver available on the Nvidia site of
343.22 and installed it with the Nvidia installer. Will there be a new driver available that supports
Red Hat 6.6?

I installed 346.16 but after starting X I only get a black screen…

346.22 now allows me to use my external screen, but the highest resolution available is still
only 1024x768 in nvidia-settings.

With the nouveau driver I can set it to 1680x1050.

Before the 6.6 upgrade I was able to get to 1440x900 with the Nvidia driver.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (116 KB)

Display resolution higher than 1024x768 still not permitted with Nvidia 346.35 driver on red Hat 6.6.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (103 KB)