Resolution remains 640x480 on Debian 6.06 with 313.18 installed

I have a system with Tesla C2070, and I installed both 313.18 driver and CUDA 5.0. Everything is O.K., no errors occurred in installation logs.

And then I ran nvidia-xconfig, reboot my computer. The resolution is still 640x480, and in NVIDIA X Server Settings, it shows the Display is CRT-0.

Actually I intend to use this card for scientific computing, so I don’t care much for the display. But as I just have one card, and when it is on, I cannot use the integrated graphic card comes along with Intel i5.

So anyone has any advices on either how to re-enable the integrated graphic card or set up a proper resolution for the Tesla C2070 are welcome and highly appreciated.

I have checked the benchmarking of GLX performance with “glxgears”. It showed it was 60FPS.

Is this information tell something? Like I have installed the driver correctly or not?

Thank you all! I have solved the problem. It seems that the nvidia-xconfig could not automatically configure the monitor, as the EDID information could not be achieved correctly by the X or the config program.

I manually set the ModelLine and related config and add them to Monitor section. Everything is OK now.