[RESOLVED] DriveWorks support for host PC x64 architecture


I am planning to use a host PC to develop applications based on DriveWorks, and then cross-compile them for target Drive PX 2 system.

Section 1.1 of NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK Release Notes 0.6.54 states that the recommended host system should be a PC (x86 architecture) with a NVIDIA GPU (NVIDIA Maxwell based GPU minimum, NVIDIA Pascal based GPU recommended).

Can I use a host PC with x64 architecture to install the DriveWorks SDK and cross-compile applications for the target Drive PX 2 system? Because otherwise, I would have to switch over to a new PC with x86 architecture.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear sagar.kirtany,

Yes, x64 architecture is available for DPX2 host PC. Thanks.