[RESOLVED]Why doesn't positional tracking work in iOS?

When using the iOS client it seems to me that only rotation is supported. I made a Unity project using the basic (old, deprecated OpenVR plugin) and I get a stream so initially I was very happy that it seemed to work. But after adding features to the client (for image tracking etc) I have come to the conclusion that position changes on the iOs device doesn’t seem to be used/sent to the cloudxr server. I also tested ar_test.exe and some of the shelf VR software but even in these the translational movement of the iOS device seems not to be used. Is this the case or am I missing something? (and btw, I have the issues with shearing of the image when turning to portait that is reported in another thread)

This was a case of usage error. Using ImageTrackingConfig for ARKit disables device tracking so keeping the config as it were works. (more info: Apple Developer Documentation)