Resource monitor chart does not display Mellanox usage


We are using two Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI (MT04099) on a Windows 2012 R2. mlx4eth63.sys and mlx4_bus.sys → 4.60.17718.0.

It is working fine but we have a cosmetic issue. The resource monitor display does not show any activity even if there is activity on the interfaces.

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Hi Nathan,

I did not see anything specific in the release notes on this, but Mellanox has a later version 4.80.50000 on their website. Might be worth a shot to try the new driver on a test sever.

Mellanox Products: Mellanox OFED for Windows (WinOF)

Infiniband has a kernel bypass characteristic.

Did you check your IB switch’s log?

I thinki that’s a basic check point.