Respeaker 4-mic array for raspberry pi compatibility with jetson nano

I saw ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit + Jetson Nano B01 that mentioned that the respeaker mic array for raspberry pi can be compatible with jetson nano following the guide seeed-voicecard/README-jetson at jetson-respeaker-4mic-array-compatible · AshaTalambedu/seeed-voicecard · GitHub.

Can anyone provide more detail about how to implement step 2a (patching the kernel with the given jetson_BSP32.3.patch file).

Thanks a lot.


Assuming you have downloaded the kernel source as per step 1 and using Respeaker 4 MIC circular array only.

For step 2.a mentioned on Open “jetson_BSP32.3.patch” in a text file editor/viewer to identify the files to be modified. After locating these files in the downloaded kernel source tree (Point 1), modify each one as per corresponding patch info in the patch file.

Let us know if you face issues.