REST Call in XR


I want to interact with the objects from a scene in XR with other systems. Is there any possibility to:

  1. Enable REST API Calls with parameters from selected object(s) in scene?
  2. Enable a customization in the menus of Tooltips (I want to custom my own actions triggering the REST APIs).

An use case example:

Selecting a bicycle from a scene, then going to my tooltip to check the quantity in stock of that item.
I’d have to find a way to store the item master basic information in the USD file, to pass it to the REST call.

I’m a system integrator and I have the backend already built for warehouse transfers, price checks, sales orders, etc. That would be awesome for my customers to interact with their customers in VR on their own stage, and having people to talk with, and analyze the item in VR first.

Is something too far to happen? I’m definitely open for any ideas suggestions for such use case.

By the way, XR works flawlessly with Oculus Rift S. I’m impressed with the quality with my RTX2070 super. I just bought an RTX4080 and I’m working on the installation right now.

Thank you,

  • Gustavo Barizon
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Hello @barizon! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Thanks, Wendy! I see a lot of potential for such solution. It’s quite easy to bring USD content - I’m delighted with the quality of view - and now I just need these inputs to explore connectivity with the outside world.

On top of my question, I have another: can I have more than one user inside the same scene? I noticed here I can’t enable two devices simultaneously. I own a RiftS and Quest 2 (I’m waiting for the Quest Pro delivery) but unfortunately, I can’t have the two devices enabled in a scene.

Can I use my wired RiftS from my computer and AirLink the CreateXR content to my Quest 2/Quest Pro? That would be awesome.

Thank you!

  • Gustavo

Hello @barizon! Yes! This would be handy for several reasons. The dev team is discussing this as a new feature to add. So I am going to send this over to them!

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A feature request ticket was created from this post. OM-73862: Rest call in XR

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