Restarting nVIDIA drivers using REST API


We have developed a script to perform the following tasks for our end users;

a) Restore Screen Resolution using NVIDIA API(NVWMI) with specific settings
b) Using 3rd party API to restart NVIDIA Driver

For item (b), we observed that local admin privileges is required to execute the task. Is there any workaround to restart the driver without admin privileges? We are using NVIDIA GPU Driver version 368.39

Thanks to advise.

Dear @mohd.alim.osman
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The Windows APIs required for restarting the driver need admin privileges, so it seems expected that the third party application needs admin privilege for this functionality to work.
We do not know of any workaround from NVIDIA side to avoid the admin privileges requirement.

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Noted with thanks.

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Given that we have already provided the explanation for the developer query, marking this topic as closed.