Restore partitions on /dev/mmcblk0

Hi folks,

due to an unfortunate incident (caused by my stupidity) all the partitions on /dev/mmcblk0 are gone. The disk is completely wiped out. Any way to restore it?

Thank you

Just flash normally, it adds all partitions. So far as restoring without flash, the only way would be if you backed up an image of all partitions through cloning (meaning cloning of all, not just rootfs).

Hi linuxdev,

can’t seem to boot it up either. Not even getting a logo (((

If you lost the hidden partitions odds are high the hardware won’t even initialize…but recovery mode should always work, regardless of what is on eMMC. flash uses recovery mode, so you’re in luck for that. Hidden partitions include the u-boot binary, so the boot loader is wiped out.