Restore TX-2 Dev Board to Factory State

I have been trying to install TensorFlow on my TX-2 and I think it’s gotten to the point where I would be best to reset everything to the original factory state. I see the flashing instructions in the User Guide PDF, but I’m not sure where to download the image and exactly which method I should use.

The image is part of the JetPack release 3.0 download.
You can download it on the developer section of the nvidia website.

TensorFlow installation to TX2 is rather straightforward:
However, to re flash the board you need to repeat the very initial operation which you should have performed already on initial flashOS the board procedure.
It should be a Host OS 16.4 Ubutnu, to which you install the JetPack 3.0, than you connect the TX2 with USB somewhat mini cable , put the board in “force recovery mode” and that do JetPack installation from the host.
Otherwise you may use somewhat ./ mmcblk0p1 directive.
However, you 'd rather check with