Restoring to Factory Settings

Please, I believe I am not the first one but I ould like to know how to restore to the factory setting.

I played a little bit and broke the system, so how do I restore the Nvidia board from an external computer?

The original L4T version is R27.0.1, but this was not at all reliable. Version R27.1 is now out, and is far better. You can flash R27.1.

If you have an Ubuntu 14.04 PC host, then you can just use JetPack (which is a front end to a number of features…flash is just one of them). If you have an x86_64 PC Linux host, but it isn’t Ubuntu 14.04, then you can flash on command line (JetPack requires Ubuntu 14.04).

For reference, here is the downloads page:

If you can use JetPack, then this is all you need. If you do a manual flash, then you would use the driver package plus sample rootfs. If you need command line manual flash info, just ask.