Restoring video to original card

Hi Folks,

I’ve successfully installed a 8800GT – both hardware and software – on a linux cluster
headnode running RHEL4.3. On the boot immediately after the 8800 card install there
was no video at all from the existing ATI ES1000, not even simple text, let alone trying
to start X. I do have full video from the 8800, simple text as well as X.

The motherboard is ASUS KFN4-D16. I understand the the slot the card is in is only
PCI-E x16. My interest is learnign the programming side until true 64-bit float cards
are available.

From what I’ve read on the CUDA site the 8800 will time out after 5s of GPGPU work
if it is the “active” video card, i.e., it also has a video signal passing through.

Therefore, how do I restore video to the original ATI card, and at the same time not
disable CUDA access to the 8800? Is this a BIOS issue?

Many thanks in advance,

From your description, this sounds like an SBIOS limitation where the onboard GPU is only active when no other GPU is in the system. Some motherboards make this configurable in the SBIOS, others do not.