Results and Post-processing

How validation results (ground truth, DeepONet prediction, and difference, respectively) are produced.
Fig. 95 DeepONet validation result, sample 1
what changes we need to get these image validation results are produced, when we run this DeepONet ( [Problem 3: Darcy flow (data-informed)]) we do not get these validation result.

Hi @big4085boss

Indeed, unfortunately the DeepONet example was contributed without a validation plotter like the other Darcy examples. But Modulus has support of users adding their own plotters either embedded into TensorBoard or even exporting to VTK formats.

Have a look at the post processing part of the forums for some documentation and examples.

The link towards ‘post processing part 5’ is not working, where can we find the documentation and examples for post-processing DeepONets ?

Updated the link thanks!