Resume freezing 525.89.02

Running into an issue of intermittent freezing when resuming either on Fedora or openSUSE tumbleweed. I have been encounter this for months was hoping to be resolved with patch, but no…

The only thing I have seen is few errors usually upon resuming that are not there before hand. This ends up with me having to shutdown the machine vs just suspend. Not really ideal workflow.

I have tried a number of things troubleshooting mentioned in vvaried posts, but to no end even moving distro did not help. Is this a known issue?

When triggering a restart after resume the easily becomes unusable and will need to hard reset. I have used startx with exec i3 in the .xinitrc without gdm or any other session manager and this still continues to freeze up after a resume from suspend. I have attached my bug report from root. After doing a few restarts of i3 it just goes into a tail spin again and would come back to something usable.