Retargeting to Reallusion Character in Audio2Face doesn't work

I try to make audio2face work with a character imported from Character Creator.

The result looks like this after the post wrap. The CC character is the base character. I tried also others, but always the same. There is also the difference that in Audio2Face not just the head from the CC character appears, but the entire body. Some advice would be appreciated. Best regards Frank


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I shall follow you Frank! Good luck with this, hope they give you the solutions quite soon…

Hi @frankgelmeroda! The dev team should be replying shortly! Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @frankgelmeroda,
We have a known issue for Audio2Face 2021.2.x that we don’t support materials assigned to GeomSubset which is what RL characters used on their full body export.
This is fixed in Audio2Face 2021.3 which we target to release end of this month.

Public Machinima also still on the same version that has the same issue.

Hi esusantolim,

Many thanks for the explanation. I will be patient. -)

Best regards

Is this fixed now?
Can I use CC characters in Create with Audio2Face?

Hello @pekka.varis! I do see that this feature was added to the release notes! So try it out and let me know if you run into any issues!

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