Retina MacBook Pro with 750M graphics for Cuda Development

Hi everybody, this is my first post here.

I’m going to start a Master’s degree in computer vision and I’m going to need a powerful laptop with cuda development capabilities. The rMBP has the 750M graphic card but i’m not sure if it is the “easy way” going with this. It’s a bit hard to find information about this, so i’ll ask: It’s possible to install Windows (parallels or bootcamp) and develop Cuda apps from there as if it was a normal Windows laptop with an Nvidia Card? I’ve read that if the kernel runs for long it can be stopped. It’s in that case better to develop the Cuda apps from OSX?

Maybe I’m making a mistake with the Macbook, in that case any info about other options will be useful, but it has to be a laptop (I have a desktop already but I need it to be portable because of my job)

I don’t have a mac, but I believe this would definitely be possible with Bootcamp, since that is a dual boot, while it may not be possible with Parallels, since that uses virtualization.

On the other hand, if you are not going to use OS X, you might want to look at getting some other brand of notebook.