Return to Factory Settings (without user settings)

I have used the SDK Manager to flash my device (a J1020, a Nano in other words) successfully several times previously.

What I want to know is - how do I flash it back to the state that it came out of the box in?

Flashing using the SDK Manager you have to enter a username and password… I want a new owner to be able to enter that themselves.

So literally as though it was used for the first time, out of the box.

Many thanks!

Surely someone from nVidia knows the answer to this?

Let sdkmanager download the BSP to your host PC and flash the board use manual command.

This method won’t have sdkmanager to set user name/pwd first before flash.

That’s great WayneWWW, just what I was looking for.

Many thanks!

Almost success!

The file system setup by the SDK Manager appears to be complete on the host machine, so I set the ${BOARD} environment variable, put the device into Recovery Mode, cd’d to the correct directory and ran

sudo ./ ${BOARD} mmcblk0p1

as per the documentation. That flashed the device, and I had to create the user and password at first boot (just as I wanted).

But… after installing JTop it reports that some libraries are missing:

CUDA - Missing
cuDNN - Missing
TensorRT - Missing
VPI - Missing
Vulkan - 1.2.70
OpenCV - Missing

These look correct:

Release 4.9.337-tegra
Board p3448-0002
L4T 32.7.4
Jetpack 4.6.4

How can I install the missing libraries flashing using the manual command?

Many thanks!

Ah. To try to work this out I used the SDK Manager to flash the device and install the libraries.

There are two distinct sections to this process. The first flashes the system across to the device.

The second installs the libraries. You have to boot the device and enter the device’s local network IP into the SDK Manager. It looks like SDK Manager then pushes out deb files to the device over the network, and (I presume) you have to have a user (and password) on the device to do this.

When new the unit arrives with the libraries already loaded, without a user name and password on the host.

How can I achieve this?