Revert back to Ubuntu 14 (from Ubuntu 16) on Jetson TX2?


The Jetson TX2 ran Ubuntu 14.04 initially, but somehow upgraded to Ubuntu 16. (I must have accidentally accepted a software update or something.)

Is there a way to perform a factory reset so I can revert back to Ubuntu 14 from Ubuntu 16?

Are there any other methods to get back to Ubuntu 14?

I flashed the Jetson with from Jetpack 3.0 L4T, but it still runs Ubuntu 16.


Hmm…I tried answering this once, there was a forum error. Will try again…

The Ubuntu mechanism for upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 does indeed cause problems. The L4T version shipped with a TX2 is R27.0.1, but is now at R27.1. Listings are here and do not include R27.0.1:

Someone from NVIDIA would have to add R27.0.1 to that in order to install it, but there were some serious bugs in R27.0.1. Do you have some software which must run in 14.04?