Revit Connector Invalid material Error - Usaing default material instead

I converted the Piping System in Revit to a USD file, but while the Pipe in Revit is being converted well, the Pipe Fittings and Pipe Accessories are not being converted. When I checked the Omniverse Export Log, it says “Warning A component in element 4102443 had an invalid material. Using default Paint material instead”. What could be the cause of this?

@jaeyeon.shin the materials on the pipe fittings and accessories probably have something that cannot be converted to MDL, that’s a guess based on your description. do those parts have the same material as the parts that came through correctly? one thing to test whether it’s material related is to remove or switch to the type that has no issue during translation.

also, would it be possible for you to show the connector’s export setting?