RF Test(WIFI/BT) Tools for Kcc certification

We are developing equipment using tx2.
Development is completed and I want to proceed with KCC certification.

The tx2 is KCC certified, but the KCC certification must be re-certified to certify the equipment and a WIFI / BT test tool is required to proceed.

where can I get a wifi/bt(RF Test) tools for Kcc certification for the Nvidia Jetson?

RF Test program is a program that can perform mode conversion and channel conversion for RF test.
The following modes should be supported.

  1. WIFI / BT channel selection and continuous transmission of unmodulated signal
  2. WIFI / BT channel selection and modulation signal continuous transmission function
  3. WIFI / BT channel selection and listening function
  4. BT hopping mode

Hi, please contact vendor, Broadcom, for the tool of BCM4354 to do the test.