RFE: Physics Reactor?

Okay, as I was typing this post, I did indeed laugh-out-loud at the obvious pun. Haha.

But, similar to how Physics Forces have some bounds, wherein, Particles within the bounds have some action taken upon them…

What this RFE is asking for is, a similar mechanism where there is some object that has a bounds in 3D space, where we can take some Physics action upon Particles that are within the bounds.

For example, lets say I setup PBD particles, who are in some arbitrary shape, lets say the particles are forming the word “MetaVerse” for example. Now, the initial state is, I dont want the Particles to simulate, at all, their initial state is ‘InActive’ - but, as I move this new “reactor” primitive, so that a portion of the Particles are within its bounds, those Particles become ‘active’ and simulate under gravity and the Physics scene.

This type of feature is much needed for MotionGraphics types of setups that you would normally see in Houdini/Cinema4D.

Thanks @daryl.dunlap.ohio. I sent this to the devs to see what they think.

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