RFE: Tools - USD Timesamples to Curves

I’d like to request an option NOT to create an OmniGraph and OmniGraphNode per-Target Prim when this executes. If I’m going to use the resultant AnimationData Prim in the Sequencer, I dont need all those nodes being created. For example, my small test rig has a hierarchy of 50 XForms, that’s 50 AnimCurve nodes being created.

Thanks for the OmniGraphNode AnimCurve feature though, I can see the value and its usage, especially with Bundles.

Thanks again.


Thanks @daryl.dunlap.ohio. I sent this to the team.

Hi @daryl.dunlap.ohio. Looks like this is by design. With Kit104, the AnimationData changed to OGN-based evaluation (the AnimCurve node). It’s necessary to keep that node in the scene for the animation data to evaluate.

You get the same result if you just manually create some keyframes.

The team did look at different options for the design, but this is the approach they’ve chosen for now.

Oh wow, I really thought I’d confirmed the opposite before doing the RFE - but you’re indeed correct. Kit104 binds the AnimData Prim to the OGN node.

I didnt do any timings to see if there was a bottle neck with, like, 50-100 AnimData prims - but did the RFE just-in-case I suppose.

Anyway, thanks Mati!

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