RHEL 7 base containers

I was introduced to the NGC containers at SuperComputing 19, and noticed the image base is Ubuntu. I work on contracts that require a RHEL 7 base. I would be super to have that as an option for the NGC containers!



The expectation was that an Ubuntu container running on a RHEL base operating system was an acceptable solution. While system management and provisioning are popular for RHEL, the deep learning research space tends to be heavily Ubuntu. Are you saying that even the container needs to be RHEL for your usage?


Hi Mike, and thanks for the response!

I currently don’t have the luxury to use anything other than a RHEL base which is frustrating. I can’t even use CentOS. I’ve been cobbling together an approximation of the NGC tensorfow container, but using RHEL 7 and Anaconda. The trick I use is to deploy the rhscl devtoolset-7 compilers which provides gcc 7.3.1 if I need to compile anything.

But in agreement with you, I’d use Ubuntu in an instant if I could.