RHEL9 and full SRIOV support

re: https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/RHEL9/General+Support

Is this document to say there is not IB support over SR-IOV?

My organization is looking to upgrade to RHEL9 bypassing RHEL8 as we are currently on CentOS7. We currently have libvirt VMs using SR-IOV to communicate with our infiniband network so I am hoping I read that wrong.

Appreciate the help!

Hi @JS1234 ,

Please check the SR-IOV Support section in the document that you shared:

Running InfiniBand (IB) SR-IOV requires IB Virtualization support on the OpenSM (Session Manager).
This capability is supported only on OpenSM provided by NVIDIA, that is not available Inbox.
This support can be achieved by running the highest-priority OpenSM on a NVIDIA switch in an IB fabric.
The switch SM can support this feature by enabling the virt flag (# ib sm virt enable).

Please note that this capability is not tested over the Inbox environment and is considered a technical preview.

To summarize, this functionality is supported with MLNX_OFED driver, which can be downloaded from this link: Linux InfiniBand Drivers

For more information and configuration steps, please review the driver’s User Manual:



Thank you for the update. Ill review the documentation. Appreciate the help!