RidgeRun/RPI Camera Module 3 (IMX708) open access driver for NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Nano

We are happy to announce that RidgeRun has developed the first driver for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 for NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Nano. The driver is free to access, has one mode (4608x2592 @ 14fps), and controls for exposure, gain, and framerate. You can check this webpage for more information: IMX708 RidgeRun Blogpost. If you want more controls or resolutions for any NVIDIA Jetson board, don’t hesitate to contact us at ridgerun.com/contact


@mac.pinnock ,

I followed the step to port imx708 driver to my orin nano board (standard orin nano dev kit board). But I got failure when the imx708 driver is started. Below is my board information, imx driver error and kernel log.

Is there anything I missed to port this imx708 driver?

My board information:
Model: NVIDIA Orin Nano Developer Kit - Jetpack 5.1.1 [L4T 35.3.1]
NV Power Mode[0]: 10W
Serial Number: [XXX Show with: jetson_release -s XXX]

  • 699-level Part Number: 699-13767-0004-300 M.3
    dmesg.txt (68.8 KB)

  • P-Number: p3767-0004

  • Module: NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano (4GB ram)

  • SoC: tegra23x

  • CUDA Arch BIN: 8.7

  • Codename: P3768

  • Machine: aarch64

  • System: Linux

  • Distribution: Ubuntu 20.04 focal

  • Release: 5.10.104-tegra

  • Python: 3.8.10

The imx708 driver error in dmesg.
[ 12.914776] kernel: imx708 9-001a: tegracam sensor driver:imx708_v2.0.6
[ 13.215496] kernel: imx708 9-001a: imx708_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
[ 13.225718] kernel: imx708 9-001a: board setup failed
[ 13.233560] kernel: imx708: probe of 9-001a failed with error -121
[ 13.242364] kernel: imx708 10-001a: tegracam sensor driver:imx708_v2.0.6
[ 13.543031] kernel: imx708 10-001a: imx708_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
[ 13.550856] kernel: imx708 10-001a: board setup failed
[ 13.555534] kernel: imx708: probe of 10-001a failed with error -121

The attached is the full dmesg log.

Hi @harry_xiaye

Seems like there is a hardware issue more than a software issue. Let’s take a test to find out the problem, could you try to establish a connection with the camera using i2c tools?

Here is a command you can run, this command will try to read the camera ID:
i2ctransfer -y -f 9 w2@0x1a 0x00 0x00 r1


i2ctransfer -y -f 10 w2@0x1a 0x00 0x00 r1

@mac.pinnock ,

Please help check the command result from my test. There are two CAN slots on the board. I got different error result when I connected with different CAN slot. I uploaded the new dmesg_CAN1.txt for the dmesg log when I connected on CAN1.

Below is the command result. They are same if I connected on CAN0 slot or CAN1 slot.
dmesg_CAN1.txt (69.4 KB)

root@txkj-orin-4G:~# i2ctransfer -y -f 9 w2@0x1a 0x00 0x00 r1
Error: Sending messages failed: Remote I/O error
root@txkj-orin-4G:~# i2ctransfer -y -f 10 w2@0x1a 0x00 0x00 r1
Error: Sending messages failed: Remote I/O error

Hi @harry_xiaye

Test the command in a clean JetPack without applying the patch or loading the Debian, then try again with i2c, if that gives you an error, test the driver in another devkit and another camera because there could be a hardware error.

Hi @mac.pinnock Glad for your contribution on this, seems the only driver for Pi camera V3 on Jetson Orin Nano. But seems I got some problem on loading the website developer.ridgerun.com/wiki

Hi @teddylihz

Check the webpage again, thanks.


I used a clean jetpack without the patch and ran the i2c command. I got same error as before.
So it should be hardware issue, right?

The attached is the picture for imx708 connecting with my orin nano board.

Hi @harry_xiaye,

Yes, I would think that is a hardware error. Check other camera sensor and jetson device.

Pdta: from the photo, seems like the mipi flex connector is bad connected (like improperly seated). Also check that the flex cable terminals are in good state. They tend to fall from the terminals or create short circuits with the nearby pins.

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