Right way to aquire TXAA library

Our company produces rendering engine (targeting NVidia-only HW) for civil flight simulators used for pilots training. The product is sold with nvidia-only hardware solutions. We are looking for an opportunity to aquire TXAA library for use within developed engine.

Just wondering which steps should companies` techincal\management stuff follow to apply for TXAA library request. Should i contact local NV representative? Or apply somewhere on NV website?

Thanks for your attention.

Hello? Wish someday one NVIDIA person kindly explains what to do…

hi - is there a specific txaa library that you’re looking for?

It’s hard to answer the question, but, yes. We are looking for OpenGL version of TXAA library (but as far as i know, txaa.dll on windows implemets both d3d and OpenGl versions. We hope this library will minimize temporal aliasing issues in our application, and we could ship with it. Recently i’ve contacted local NV sales manager, but he disappeared soon (phone n/a, mail - no answer). Do not know what to do now :(