Rigid body Ropes example - how to apply on animated charters?

Hey, I tested to animate to collider cylinder of the Rigid body Ropes example. Works great:

I could use this same solution to animate jewerly on a neclace of a dancer.
Are the limitation now on this? Can I make an animated character the collider object?

It could be achieved, but not really easily atm. The collision geometry would have to be created as a separate mesh, this would be what the necklace would collide.
Then you would have to create action graph to constraint the skelJoint transformation with the separate mesh transformation. Then you would get the desired behavior.


Thank you!
I am not so familiar with these dynamics and simulation tools, that I would then jump on this. I still hope that this kinda of feature is on your roadmap as an easy to build solution + step by step tutorials.

For now I think the creation of a moving 30 frm / sec separate mesh for the Character Creator Body collision geometry is the hardest part…

Yes, we would like to support soon kinematic deformable bodies, so that the deformation of the animated meshes can be pushed into physics directly.
We are trying to get it for next release, but no promises here yet.

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