Rigid shape properties on GPU does not work

When I tried to set rigid shape properties like restitution for my urdf model, I found that the change only works on CPU simulated physx, and is invalid when simulating with GPU. Also in the test script body_physics_prop.py along with the installation package, the restitution of capsule and box seems to remain unchanged when using GPU simulation. My code is listed below:

table_props = gym.get_actor_rigid_shape_properties(env, table_handle)
    table_props[0].restitution = 0.9
    table_props[0].compliance = 0.0
    table_props[0].friction = 0.45
    table_props[0].rolling_friction = 0.0045

I was wondering when the next version of Isaac Gym would be released and if you would fix this problem. Thanks!