RigidContact return unstructured array

The gym API states that calls to:

 get_env_rigid_contacts(self: Gym, arg0: Env) → numpy.ndarray[RigidContact]
 get_rigid_contacts(self: Gym, arg0: Sim) → numpy.ndarray[RigidContact]

will return an array of isaacgym.gymapi.RigidContact instances. However the return values in release 3 are unstructured instances filled with a tuple value.


code use to reproduce the results is the following

# Print rigid contacts per robot:
    for env in envs:
        actor_count = gym.get_actor_count(env)
        for i in range(actor_count):
            actor_handle = gym.get_actor_handle(env, i)
            contacts = list(gym.get_env_rigid_contacts(env))


Try removing the list() conversion on the return value of get_env_rigid_contacts(). The list() cast will convert the RigidContact instance into a list of tuples.