Riva.modules Not Found


I am deploying a custom chatbot based on the tutorial below :

When deploying the chatbot on the client container (running main.py in the webapp folder, or Step 4-2 in the above tutorial), I have encountered an error ‘riva.modules’ not found when the chatbot attempted to create an ASRPipe object. TWhen doing a pip list, it is evident that Riva-api version 1.8b0 is installed in the container, so I don’t see why riva.modules will not be available. As far as I understand this, to re-configure Riva-api, I would need to re-configure npc on the docker, which does not make sense to me. Any pointers on how to resolve this?

Thanks all.

Hi @nicholas.tam

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

Apologies you are facing errors,

In order to reproduce the issue from our end, can you provide the script and the complete log/output of the script which causes the ‘riva.modules’ not found