RIVA NMT Translation

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Hardware - GPU (V100)
Hardware - CPU
Operating System - LINUX
Riva Version - 2.13
TLT Version (if relevant)
How to reproduce the issue ?
-print("\nTranslated Spanish Text: ", response.translations[0].text)
-IndexError: list index out of range

Hi, I want to use multilengual model ‘en_deesfr_24x6’ for RIVA translation. The example in the web is for bilingual translation in which you can translate from english to spanish.

The error paste above is the output to this code:
model_name = ‘en_deesfr_24x6’
source_language = ‘en’
target_language = ‘es’
response = riva_nmt_client.translate([eng_text], model_name, source_language, target_language)
print("\nTranslated Spanish Text: ", response.translations[0].text)

Can you help me in including the model ‘en_deesfr_24x6’?