Riva_server once created is never destroyed

I am using the riva quickstart to test and even sending end() never actually kills the riva_server process.

Hi Ryein,

Thanks for your interest in Riva

To Stop the running containers we can use bash riva_stop.sh

To remove the images and perform cleanup we can use bash riva_clean.sh

If your request is different or not related to above ones, please let me know


I’m talking about the thread that gets created. The old threads are never destroyed.

Hi @ryein

My Apologies for wrong understanding,
Can you provide more inputs/insights, like is the thread Riva related or Triton, Model used etc.



Using htop you can see riva_server processes being ran. Every time you create a call with grpc even if you end it the thread isn’t destroyed so if you had multiple calls it will have hundreds of threads.