Riva Setup Error

Hardware - GPU: T4
Hardware - CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04
Riva Version: 1.7

While trying to run bash riva_init.sh in the quick start guide to setup Riva (it was 1.7.0 but now is 1.8.0), I got a disk space problem under /usr/local/lib as the screenshot attached.

Originally, I thought it was a Docker Image location issue because it happened during the Docker Image downloading process, but I realised that the default Docker Image location is under /var/lib/docker and change the configuration in /etc/docker/daemon.json doesn’t help in this case.

So… my question is how to solve this problem without adding additional disk space on /usr/local/lib?
My server is hosted on MEC (multi-access edge computing) and adding disk space on /usr is not recommended due to multi-user access mechanism, however, the additional space under other folder is available, is there any way that I could change the directory?

I have used this guide in the past with some success: How to change Docker storage location - Dmytro Kryvokhyzha but I’m not certain that will resolve your problem.

Thanks anyway, I will look for other options to see how to expand my disk space under /usr.

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