Riva Skills Quickstart Error in JupyterLabs 4.0 Quick Start: Deploy an OOTB ASR Pipeline with Riva

Received this error when doing the NGC ASR training from my home laptop:

Downloading the Riva Skills Quick Start resource folder
“error”: “Invalid org - Org cannot be set if Authenticated with API Key or Starfleet.”
sed: can’t read riva_quickstart_v2.11.0/riva_init.sh: No such file or directory

The three previous ipynb scripts ran without error. I have valid NGC account setups and a valid api key. The third script did the NGC CLI setups for using my new api key. The ‘ngc config current’ JSON shows the key value ‘org’ set to ‘nvidia’ . All the python code is being run from the notebook which invokes the ubuntu cli.

HI @rayvak

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Quick Check- Did you receive an email after your new api key gen and did you accept it

Email would have “Welcome to NVIDIA NGC”

Can you check it, accept and let me know if it works