Rivermax Initialize error

I’ve got the below error at initialization

[21-03-31 21:52:21.337200] Tid: 058504 debug [init_globals:168] Invalid time handler flag: init_config->time_handler.time_handler_type 0

[2021-03-31 21:52:21.337208] [0x00007f879a70d780] [error] failed initializing Rivermax

[21-03-31 21:52:21.337277] Tid: 058504 debug [~SysClock:44]

[21-03-31 21:52:21.337282] Tid: 058504 debug [~Clock:34]

[21-03-31 21:52:21.337286] Tid: 058504 debug [~DeviceCollection:28] ~DeviceCollection()

Hi Takahiro,

I would like to bring to your notice that Rivermax is a product which requires customers to have a valid support contract. In case you have a valid support contract, it would be great if you can open a ticket by emailing " Networking-support@nvidia.com "