RMGpcTileMap string is slightly confusing

I’m confused on how to set this up. This is the description I found. I have a GTX 1070 Ti & i’m running windows 10.
My goal is to disable tile rendering. I don’t know why i’m having so much trouble with asking about this. I know there’s another dword that allows you to override the RM computed value of the screen tile mappings.

encoded string to setup the GPC/TPC screen tile mapping
the encoding is V0:V2:V3:VN
where V? is the table entry represented by a valid GPC number
number of entries must equal the # TPC in the system
entry numbers must be 0…N, where N is (#GPC’s - 1)

I was told to post here and never got a response. This genuinely makes me want to switch to amd just knowing that I can’t even get a response within a reasonable time frame.