RMInitAdapter Failed Error on Comet Lake CPU & GTX 1650 GPU when using Nvidia drivers

Attempted various configurations to get proprietary NVIDIA drivers working on a Ubuntu based system. Comet Lake i7, GTX 1650 Max Q. I’ve used both the latest drivers from APT (440) and self installed the suggested drivers (430) on multiple kernel versions (5.3.0-40, 5.3.0-7650, 5.5.8). In each case once the driver is successfully installed XServer fails to load with the error tracing back to the kernel log showing “RMInitAdapter Failed” for the NVIDIA GPU. Adding the nvidia bug report log. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (108 KB)

Did you already try to rule out a hardware defect by installing Windows?
Did you check for a bios update?