RmInitAdapter failed! since kernel > 6.4

The glxinfo output just shows you’re invoking the nvidia client gl on a mesa server glx. Incorrect setup, please delete that file.

Hi there. I have exactly the same issue as you (Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7H). Did you write a patch file to share? Did you manage to solve this issue?

I’m gonna send other outputs, when I’ll have a bit more time to test, removing 20-modesetting.conf (ie exactly the same as starting X again with nvidia-drivers running) give me a lot of issue (dmesg errors + freeze while trying for run some game to test).

@lorenzo.nizzi.grifi : no, not fixed, there is a workaround as you can see above, but it’s an ugly solution.
Nevermind, something interesting, you’re running a Lenovo and a xxIAH7H (I’ve a 15IAH7H) and I’m quite sure it’s the same hardware as mine. Can be a clue in order to get a fix.

Ugly workaround I do agree but is it working somehow? Still errors when you load games?