Robaka 2 - AMR testbench platform on Jetson Nano


in response to NVIDIA suggestion to post here, here’s the old (2019) but still interesting project – Robaka 2 - Nano-based AMR on hoverboard drivetrain, using ROS1.

Sensors used at different stages: 2D Lidar (YDLidar), 3D Lidar (VLP-16), RealSense D435, ultrasonic, IMU, GPS. Succesfully used with LTE teleop capability. Classical ROS 1 SLAM stacks were used with varied success. The most interesting experiment was with semantic segmentation of driveable surface using CV capabilities of Nano GPU, with subsequent mapping onto a costmap.

Hoverboard-based AMRs had a lively Slack community until recently Slack removed the archives, so now the place to go for discussions is on GitHub.

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