RoboCop Rogue City - Trees rendering issue


This game seems to have rendering issues with the trees, having the vegetation flicker.
It doesn’t seem to be a game issue as the game doesn’t exhibit this behavior on the Steam Deck. Nvidia driver is latest vulkan dev: 535.43.11
Attaching video which showcases the issue:
2023-10-07 09-06-30.tar.gz (27.9 MB)

EDIT: this environment variable VKD3D_DISABLE_EXTENSIONS=VK_EXT_mesh_shader seems to have fixed, but it still inclines there is something wrong with the driver

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Same glitch. And the workaround work like a charm. My only doubt it is this fix make the game take less advantage of the GPU.

Its been “worked around” on vkd3d-proton side few weeks ago. proton 9 beta probably has that version of vkd3d, not sure if experimental has updated since though.

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