Robot/ISAAC running issues---Need your great help!!!!

Hi All ,

We got some issues during our robot & ISAAC development , hope we can get help from here.
Any suggestions from you will be highly appreciated.

What we have done:
1, we replaced the simulation lidar by the real lidar data, replaced the simulation IMU by the real IMU data based on the ISAAC/APPS/FLATSIM;
2, We used the real lidar mapping data as the map input;
3, we done as the API format:


Motor Control:

It seemed all works fine.

Here are our issues:

1, When the target is in the front of the robot, the robot can auto move to the target as the plan route, but when the target is behind the robot, the robot will be swing and not moved. In our test, the robot will be moved well if the target/robot angle is less than 90 deg
2, When the robot arrived the target location, the robot keeps swing.
3, When the robot is moving, if we have some obstacles came up, the robot stop and takes 5 seconds to get a new plan route at least;
4, when the robot is swinging, the swing arrange is hug, and the robot will be speeding up suddenly.

We developed the robot based on the TX2 and ISAAC. Hope we can get suggestions here.



Your problem seems to be caused by bad parameters given to the isaac.planner.DifferentialBaseLqrPlanner and the isaac.planner.GlobalPlanner. Playing around with those parameters will significantly change the behavior.

For example:

  • Reducing the num_controls parameter in the isaac.planner.DifferentialBaseLqrPlanner component might help reduce the "swinging".
  • Increasing the arrived_position_thresholds of the isaac.navigation.GoTo component helps reduce movement when robot arrives to target.

Many thanks Jad!! We will try and confirm in few hours.