robot not moving during Kaya waste sorting

Hello, thanks very much for the Kaya reference design, it is fantastic. I have been able to get several of the examples working including the follow me and joystick control. I’ve built and run the waste sorting app and it seems to be doing things but the robot doesn’t move. It is detecting objects and can see and recognise april tags correctly. Is there something I need to do to make it move the object towards its april tag? I don’t have it setup as the triangle shape in the demo, just an apple in front of the camera and the compost tag behind it. Is there a dead man switch built into this that I need the joystick connected?

The only error I can seem to find is that for:
I get Error message: “This channel is currently empty. Check that the name is correct and the codelet is ticking correctly”

Any suggestions or trobleshooting tips would be appreciated.

Hi Mark,
There is a deadman switch indeed, you can toogle it in the WebSight. Go to Application Configuration and should be something like commander.robot_remote->isaac.navigation.RobotRemoteControl->disable_deadman_switch. Then click submit.
Can you check if that helps?

Also, make sure the robot is not in manual mode. Check behavior_waste_sorting.lqr->isaac.planner.HolonomicBaseLqrPlanner:manual_mode_channel.