Robot vs Robotview

I’m currently working on simulating a customized robot in Isaac sim. I’m wondering which class (Robot or Robotview) should I use to actuate my robot? What’s the difference between these two classes?

Hi @xiaoqingyu0113

The main difference between the two classes is the amount of prims they are capable of handling.

The Robot class can encapsulate only one prim defined by its path, while the RobotView class can deal with all matches defined by regular expression.

For reference, one can look at the description of the Articulation and the ArticulationView, which can be extrapolated to other similar classes:

Articulation: Provides high level functions to deal with an articulation prim and its attributes/ properties.

ArticulationView: Provides high level functions to deal with prims that has root articulation api applied to it (1 or more articulations) as well as its attributes/ properties. This object wraps all matching articulations found at the regex provided at the prim_paths_expr.

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