Robotic Amish Chariot

Ever want to see what would happen if you fused robotics and the amish world? We did! This is Danny, the robotic horse and buggy. We made it with the help of our amish neighbours

It uses a Unitree B1 robot quadruped to pull. This is much stronger than Spot from Boston Dynamics. We made some custom controls to mimic how you would control a real horse. These are some potentiometers put through a small ADC. The chariot was welded up from an amish business outside of town. We even raced a horse to see who was the best!

This project didn’t need any AI or parallel processing, but we used an Orin nano for its small size and low power consumption.


Love it @davesarmoury! I grew up in Amish country too :)

Blinders aside, it’s funny to consider how horse-drawn ‘technology’ already has ADAS built in 😅

If you haven’t already, I hope you give LLMs and ViT’s a crack next! Home - Jetson Generative AI Playground


Very nice video too. Both inspiring and entertaining.

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Really excellent !!!

Great work.