Robotic car movement

Hi everyone. I developed a 3D model of a car and already created the joints, rigid body properties and so on. I tested its movement with omnigraph in Isaac Sim and it is working well. But I am creating an extension to control the car by setting the values of the different movements in a user friendly window. I do not know how to set angular or linear velocity to the back tires. Do I need to add the joints into an articulation root controller in my script?
By the way, I can control the steering movement of front tires but there is this error when I do it while playing simulation.

2024-07-08 20:54:45 [error] [omni.physx.plugin] transformation change on non-root links is not supported. link: /chassis_isaac_2_5_blender/right_front_tire/visuals/front_right_cyl