RoCE b/w into BF2 device in separated mode

I have a 100GbE BF2 device (A) MBF2M516A-CENOT that is configured in separated mode. I have another two hosts (B and C) with a ConnectX-5 100GbE. All connected to a Mellanox 100GbE switch.
Using perftest ib_send_bw, B-to-C I see the full ~90Gbps b/w (expected). When I run A-B or A-C I only see < 1 Gbps.

I know this is not the usual bump in the wire mode of operation but I thought moving data in the ARM’s memory from the net interface would be more.

Can someone indicate whether this is about right and expected or not?

Not sure how you test, steps/logs etc.

in separated mode, you need select real PF port, then run perftest on ARM.

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