RoCEv2 on Windows 7 using  ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet adapter


I’m trying to figure out how to use RoCEv2 (or v1, neither seems to work…) on Windows 7 using a ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet Adapter and WinOF v5.35.

I have enabled RoCEv2 and set the RoCEv2 Port to 4791 using the registry keys in HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/mlx4_bus/Parameters/Roce.

The WinOF User manual states to use the Microsoft “Network Direct SPI” for RoCE programming. When I do so there is no Network Direct Provider available on the system.

What can I do? Is there an alternate way of programming with RoCE? Or is there a way to install the NetworkDirectProvider?

All the configuration tutorials I have found so far are for Server Platforms, but I cannot use one.

If it is not possible to use RoCE in Windows 7, would it be possible in Windows 10?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best Regads,