Rocky 8.6 Cannot log in after NVIDIA install

I installed Nvidia drivers following the guide on the official documentation in datacenter/tesla/tesla-installation-notes/index.html. When I rebooted my system, the background for the regular log in screen was viewable, but no login picture or place to enter a password. I activated tty2 by using Crtl+Alt+F2 and tested NVIDIA-SMI which showed the drivers were infact active. Here is the bug report of that case.
moksh-error-20230501.log.gz (858.5 KB)

I even uninstalled the drivers and the login screen went back to normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This was just a silly mistake on my part, if you’re having this problem too just change your default viewing protocol from Wayland to X11 and everything will be fine!

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