Rod Cutting Problem

I am tackling the rod-cutting problem.
The algorithms I found so far seem to be sequential in nature.
Pointers to a vectorized solution to this problem are appreciated.

btw, What is rod-cutting problem? Any pointers?

Some naive solutions are (jest 4 joke…) :

Let multiple people cut multiple rods…
Let multiple people cut at multiple places in same rod…
Let a single guy use both his hands to cut 2 places in the same rod…
Create a pipeline of people to cut rods so that a single rod gets cut at the end of the pipeline and exploit the pipeline parallelism…

ok… If I write more, people will be more interested in cutting me than rods… :-)

Do you mean to use dynamic programming to solve rod cutting problem?

If so, I guess for the subproblem, you can use multithread to solve concurrently. With level increases, subproblem number decrease, this feature is quite similar with divide and conquer…

BTW: AFAIK, this problem is to cut a rod and get the maximum profit. Price of chunks with different length are most likely different.